Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's are now better than Monday's!

Last weekend's jam was decent overall, despite having to drive in New York's rotten ass winter weather and the chilly climate inside the skatepark

Shitluck jam from Nathan A. Woodruff on Vimeo.
 Cheers to the dudes who made it out and rode, or those (like myself) who had a good time hanging out with friends and drinking to take the chill off... Of course after the jam turned into another classic shit show (I think we should start selling tickets to people so they can witness our drunk asses in full effect). Of course Matt once again out did everyone with his signature antics.
Other good news... I finished the top of my mini bar. my only regret is that I wish my car was bigger so that I could have built a bigger bar. 

2 squawk:

Millerlivin said...

i just wana apologize to ian rite now! sorry for having to deal with our drunk asses, but im sure you will return the favor in the near future haha thanks for the good time bro! and to you wooder, when the fuck do you go back to school cause ever since you have been home my life has gone down the toilet! but then again it may have already been thier haha!

Kryweasel said...

get rid of the Youtube player... stuck with the vimeo thing...

looks like it was a good time! Was Matt Drunk????