Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Bring Sand To The Beach

One week down, a shit ton more to go...

Not sure who's these belonged to but boobs are boobs.

Got to ride 5 days this week... Filmed zero clips and took one photo, non-riding of course.

This might be the best photo I take while at school this year. Watch THIS and you probably still won't understand the photo.

Finally, The Brawlin' At the Belmar is this weekend. Get the info HERE. So Up To Blow Up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Your Life Lives

Summer is over and I'm back at school. It feels like one life is being temporarily put on hold while another is resuming.  This is the last sunrise/sunset photo for a while.

Good combination? I think I will be saving what's left of the Old Crow for next summer.

So my last night in Hornell looked like this... Fights in the Snow!

... While my first night back in the "Burgh" I was greeted by this guy, this form of dancing, obscene cars, and the Photo below taken right next to my house. 

Cops are adored everywhere. Really!

It has been a long time since I've made anything fun to share, i.e. videos and whatnot. So today I threw together a desktop background. Nothing major but maybe better stuff will later follow.
You can go HERE to save it, hate it, or make it better. it is only for 1280x800 screens (widescreen). I will try to have more stuff next week. 
  Salad Days

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Whole Summer In One Weekend

The annual hill climb at Poag's Hole is a one day event that somehow turned into a entire weekend adventure. Instead of trying to write about what happened(if you missed out you missed out), I'm just posting photos with captions in no particular order. Enjoy!

The designated operator dialed in a prime seat for the show.

Mr. Motive is still making cool shirts one sleeve at a time.

Fine tuning big Blue before breaking camp.

Truck rides and sunsets!

The Group while at the hill climb. Of course our truck/site was two vehicles down(totally bringing a pop-up next year), so we kinda just took over this one, chairs and all. Jim's arms are so massive they are growing heads.

2008 Chevy Cobalt modified. Motor is still under warranty, it's just no longer in the front.

This 46' Indian with sidecar was my personal favorite of the day. 

Hulk Hogan took time off from reality TV and got back to... Well, reality. Little hulksters everywhere were ecstatic. 

The 5 pm mass exodus

Here's Frenchie from Quipster. You can hear them HERE!

Big Thanks to Skinny Timmy for making saturday night Awesome! Good food, good music, a big fire, old friends, and horse shoes.

Josh taking a break from shouting punk songs to refresh the vocal cords. Plus it was his Birthday... 

Either Jim was showing what he thought of his late night trip from strong island was like or he was about to rock-em sock-em himself. You decide.

Pretty fucking rad paint by numbers tattoo.

Open road

Some of my buddies have known me for over ten years and have never seen me in a body of water... Gearing up!

In action making my way through the high waves and strong current.

Mark III, sans motor cover, Double J approved.

And finally... Hey kids, it's ball(s) in a cup! 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shh Boom, Shh Boom's!

Saw this last week while riding a park in the Rochester area, thought I would share it.

This Sunday (August 16th) is the annual hill climb at Poag's Hole. I have personally never been one, but I hear the experience is something along the lines of this...  Bikers, rednecks, ambulance rides, derby girls (and boys), warm beer, pick-up trucks, mullets, dirt bikes, exposed nipples, tattoos, fights, crashes, girl fights, drinking/ puking, dirtbags, and the smell of mud, gas, and piss. Personally I think it sounds like a good recipe for fun! Check the flyer here for details.

I was able to get out and ride a bunch this past week with some friends. Below, Crabmeat and I give the mean muggin' face while on our way here.

Here's an old sketch I made for this blogs banner, I'm planning to make some changes around here in the near future.

Lastly, I have a couple of random photos that I don't believe I've previously posted. Crash-O-Rama.

I'm not sure of the year this was taken but I'm pumped on the photo none the less. Ian at A.S.S. Park.

This is coming back for a second season... Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Second Best!

Damn two days late!
Fuck it, here's a quick rundown of the past week.

-Drove over 1,000 miles across NY, and Vermont in three days, which cost me over a $100 in gas.
-Locked my keys in my car while in Vermont after a pretty good riding session at a really weird skatepark.
-Chilled with the homies in both Plattsburgh and Rochester... Plenty of beer work and fun was had.
-While in Plattsburgh I walked into a random house with a friend and was immediately greeted by this sad site. 

-Matt "meat" Miller had a birthday last friday... I bought him a very classy bottle of Kentucky sour mash, but somehow it ended up back in my possession... 

-My mustache and mullet have the tendency to get into mischief wherever they show up...
-Several people witnessed this scene more than once while out in rochester.

I saw this guy try to sit down in order to stand up for about five minutes. The cops weren't as amused as I was, their loss. 

So I have been trying to think of new content to post about on this shit hole of a site, and seeing how I tend to post photos and write about drinking a lot I figured why not start posting on different drinks that are instrumental in making bad decisions. So to start off a new feature on this blog, I've decided my first entry would cover a new favorite of mine that I am naming the "Woodrono" (wood-ron-o), I am calling it my own since I cannot find any info or recipes with these ingredients online. The version I run is one part Gin, and two parts Polar brand Half & Half (half grapefruit juice & half tonic water) served over ice. The half & half completely masks the powerful taste of the gin... So you end up with a good tasting drink that gets you fucked faster than the homecoming queen after the big game. Enjoy!