Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Matt and I took advantage of Monday's freakishly nice weather, and rode some street in Alfred, NY. It was only in the 40's but the snow was gone and the cement was dry for the most part.

 I've been riding the Alfred State and Alfred U. campuses for years, seeing a 1/4 pipe and various small ramps in the middle of campus is a first. It's awesome to see the college supporting BMX and Skateboarding in such a positive way.

In other amazing news, a small quantity of the "Drivers Wanted" T-shirts were made and distributed just in time for the Holidays... The things are sick, and there have already been some inquiries.

I have also been building a mini bar(with the help of E-Z)  to take back to school with me. I'm not sure yet what the hours of business are, but I can tell you the bar will be well stocked with Genny Light, and Pabst.

Check back later this week for updates on it's status and for some video footage of kids on bicycles!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, Really?

X-Mas Cheer!

Still getting back on track... I have some photos and a video of so of last weekends happenings. When you get as drunk as we've been getting lately it's tough to produce anything of worth. 
Band aids + back cracks ='s Matt's game?
There is some fresh stuff in the works, sit tight.

Just a reminder, there's a jam at Mike Sick's park this Friday. Word is there are a few new ramps being dialed in for what should be a good shit-show... Show up and Blow up! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm going to single handily destroy this fucking blog. Thanks for letting me in Shitfuck!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where are the Posts???


Sorry for the major lack of updates, school is finally done. I'll hopefully be working, riding, and filming for the next 6 weeks.  I got into Rochester late on Friday, to late in fact to ride X-Dreams which sucked (thanks to shitty weather and car problems). I met Chris and Matt at Chris's house in the city, and after pounding a few beers to catch up Chris called his "personal" cab driver Mohammed to pick us up and take us downtown. Mohammed is a pretty crazy dude, he was even cool with road sodas in the cab. Unfortunately for me the cab ride was the end of the Fun. The upscale bars downtown were way to over priced for my college budget, I broke a part off my phone outside one bar, and almost got into a fight for not tipping each time I bought a beer (the cheapest beer was $4+ fuck that). The dude who wanted to fight me was some Yankee's  fan, and he talked shit on my Brewers hat, he most have been pissed about how much the Yankee's spent on C.C. Sabathia, dude was a fag. Anyway, I have some video clips, and pictures from that night that should be up soon enough. 

I found this old ass photo of a stripper at a club near the casino... Rough I know, I found this strippers fingernail on the stage after her show... It's still hanging on the wall in my room!
Guess who this Shredder is and win a virtual hi-five.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday is... Jizz your pants day!

It's Finals week which means several things: 1 I don't have any progress on the video to report. 2 Beer is no help to college kids during exam week, Last friday alone several kids buckled from the up coming pressure. 3 winter break is in the forceable future and there already is something to look forward to at the indoor park in Wayland, NY... Mike's having a Jam the day after X-mas so all the kiddies can come and try out the new parts Santa brought. if anyone is interested I'd like these for X-mas. Thanks.

old but still good

the first creeper?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday... Fuck yeah!

I'm glad last week was so good because this week has sucked so much for the most part. At least the few things that I am pumped about this week were really good things. First, I got to ride my bike last saturday with Matt and Chris at the new park in Ithaca, NY called East Shore Skatepark the place is little tight and there's likely to be a lot of traffic of other BMXers (which to me kids riding BMX isn't a bad thing) other than that the park is pretty well dialed in and worth the trip so check it out. 
Second if you can't tell from the picture above I (we) drank Absinthe after riding on saturday. No one saw green fairies or made out with their sister, but for $70 a bottle it delivers a different kind of drunk. 
Third my normal 6.5 hour drive to school on sunday turned into a 10 hour hell ride thanks to the shitty New York weather.

Lastly I spent at least an hour on this site today that contains tons of how-to videos that could improve the fun in your life. I know it is by a skateboarder, but good shit is good regardless of who 's shitting it out. 

More/ Better stuff come Monday for sure.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Turkey Dick!?

Good food... Good results!

It's been a week since the last post. Non-Awesome! Oh well, there were plenty of fantastical things that happened over my break to justify not being glued to a computer screen. The night before Turkey Day in Dansville, NY is becoming a yearly tradition. This year was just as good as any past with most or all of the following happening; seeing friends, blurouts, wrestling, "meet" Matt Miller, sleeping in cars, more blackouts, and puking on the way to the bar! 

I'll throw up more FUN from the weekend later this week until then watch this video.
I know this isn't BMX, but fuck it is good! Action starts around the 2:30 mark. 

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.