Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Party, Big Party!

Wow... Last weekend's Video premiere party for Up And At Them was better than we could have expected. 
I'm still waiting on some photos from a couple people before I make a big post. But I'd personally like to thank every person who made it out to the party of the year! Thank You! 

Please stay tuned for a video slide show of the night that was as well as a definite date that copies of the Video will be available. Sorry for the wait, I ran into some issues with the format of the video... If you want a copy please Email me. nathanawoodruff@aim.com

Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Ready For More!

Our 4th annual BMX video premiere party is less than two weeks away. Word is getting around and it's looking like this years party could be the biggest party to ever go down in Hornell. Last year's party "Last Call" was thought to be the last public party for our annual Video release. However after piling in 230+ people into the somewhat small banquet hall at the Hornell Association and receiving all of the positive feedback from everyone who attended, we felt the need to push on and see how big of a party we could throw. So this year we more than doubled the size of the venue, added a third kick ass band to the lineup and extended the time of the party to run a whole extra hour (7-1). 

The Line up 
  • At 7pm doors open and Daze End goes on stage. Most of the members of Daze End were formally called The Unknown, who's very first show was at the first party we held. We are also working on a door prize raffle for people who come to the party between 7-8.
  • Second in the line up is Vendetta. CLICK HERE to check them out.
  • Third, around 11pm we are going to show "Up And At Them" the latest installment of BMX and drunken Shit Shows. You can watch the Trailer HERE.
  • Finally, GO DOWN FIGHTING (all original members) will be shutting down the night.

Below are some photos from the "Last Call" party and a Google Map for anyone who's not familiar with the area.

Go Down Fighting

This douche with the hat may or may not be there
These two people got laid during the party.
The person who leaves the best Caption for this photo of Johnny in the comments below gets in free... No Joke.
The Unknown, now known as Daze End.


Monday, April 06, 2009

No Camera, No Glory

Pre KISS tattoo halfpacker when it was only a little illegal to ride on the tennis courts.

So I'm riding flat at Ass Park yesterday when all of a sudden I pull the best fucking halfpacker of my life. I'm talking long, smooth, in and out clean, you know the kind you want to end your video part with. And of the thirty or so skate and bike rats there do you think any of them happen to have caught it on film? Nope. The enormity of the moment was not lost on a few who did bare witness. The chosen ones promptly let me know about it immeadiatley after in the form of rucous applause. It won't be in my video part, but I'll take it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Leak!

So I decided to leak some of the music for the new video and a sneak peek at the DVD's cover art which is of course inspired directly by the feel of the music in the video.

Starting at the top left and moving clockwise is, Johnny B., Matt Miller, Nathan Woodruff, Mike Sick, and Todd Huffman (Todd doesn't ride).

The video below was the defining factor when it came down to selecting music for the video that would give "Up and At Them" a true and timeless feel that I am going for. I think after you watch it you will understand that power ballads still define the cutting edge of music. In fact, no other genre of music since then has been able to capture the beauty and raw power that was so overly produced in the 1980's. In my opinion power ballads will only continue to gain in popularity as time passes, just look at how well off some of the masterminds behind these classics are today, many former band members and front men have cable TV shows!

I'm really glad I didn't just go for flashy looks and what's trendy... it might look like the video below... not on my watch!