Tuesday, February 03, 2009

daily grind

Not much news this week... School has really cut into my drinking time, and it's been either snow or below zero or both outside.  If you are a steelers fan you're stoked to see them win the big show, if not you probably don't care who won or you feel bad for the Cardinals... The only reason why I mention it is because it was one of the only party days up here. 30 cent wings and $1.75 pitchers gets things done!

Somehow this got over looked on my camera, if someone I was fighting with smacked me that hard I'd prolly do something.

I saw this on one of those blogs that the cool kids look at and was pumped to see a bunch of riding by Bob Edson from Buffalo at the end.  It's awesome to see old friends still shred. 

Don't forget to mark your calendar!

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