Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Leak!

So I decided to leak some of the music for the new video and a sneak peek at the DVD's cover art which is of course inspired directly by the feel of the music in the video.

Starting at the top left and moving clockwise is, Johnny B., Matt Miller, Nathan Woodruff, Mike Sick, and Todd Huffman (Todd doesn't ride).

The video below was the defining factor when it came down to selecting music for the video that would give "Up and At Them" a true and timeless feel that I am going for. I think after you watch it you will understand that power ballads still define the cutting edge of music. In fact, no other genre of music since then has been able to capture the beauty and raw power that was so overly produced in the 1980's. In my opinion power ballads will only continue to gain in popularity as time passes, just look at how well off some of the masterminds behind these classics are today, many former band members and front men have cable TV shows!

I'm really glad I didn't just go for flashy looks and what's trendy... it might look like the video below... not on my watch!

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