Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday... Do Stuff!

It's Friday, two more full weeks of school then this semester is over! I could not be happier, this has been the worst semester of my life. I broke my elbow two days before the semester started. I had two operations on my elbow and it still doesn't work properly, I can pedal around finally, to bad it's already winter up here in the "north country". I drink far too much and I finally got my freshman 15, is silmfast still a good way to lose weight? Hopefully all of that will change when the semester is over though, I'm feeling pretty optimistic that things will be better over the winter break and in the spring. It will be nice to work, ride, and film when I go home over break. In the spring we will be having our (Johnny, Matt, and myself) yearly video party, I believe this will be the 8th yearly video and 4th year having a large-scale party to showcase our BMX maneuvers. The parties have been steadily growing in size each year, last spring there were around 250+ guests. New this year, Johnny has turned the reins over to me as far as production goes. If you didn't know this year's title is... duh! UP AND AT THEM (Watch This). The name is something that I've been holding onto for about six years now. I started filming for a video in January 2003 that some how just never happened. Fast forward to this past summer after taking over creative control it seemed like it was time to finish what I started. Though I will be sticking to roughly the same formula that Johnny used for all his videos. Each video is basically a "video album" that documents one year of friends riding BMX, and partying together. I have a feeling this year might be heavy on the party side. 

Floor pong and drinking out of shoes? 

This is from way back in days of VCR to VCR edits. Hey Matt, I want my CD with this song back. 

Up And At Them clip 2003 from Nathan A. Woodruff on Vimeo.

One of my two favorite High School Tech. Ed. teachers sent me this... Thanks to Ian and the student that first showed him.
Scrape on!

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