Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

I think the first time Matt Miller and I took a trip to Ithaca was in April of 1998, we wanted to ride street at Cornell University, and of course it had to rain most of the day we were there. So we ended up mostly riding around the city of Ithaca, when who should we run into? None other than Steve Crandall of Fat Bald Men, which at the time was only a small clothing company. He saw us riding and asked us a bunch of questions about where we were from and this and that, then asked us if we wanted check out the FBM house and F.O.D. (Field of Dreams/Drunks) trails. Being a little star struck (even then FBM was a company we were pumped on) we followed Crandall to his house where he hooked us up with a ton of free stickers and a viewing of Live Fast Die. After showing us the video, he took us to see the trails, which was cool but a bit of a let down since it had been raining all day and it wasn't possible to ride them. Anyway, The trip was a ton of fun despite the shitty weather, and since I've already posted one old video from FBM I might as well post another classic. Enjoy! 

Live Fast Die. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

I'm working on posting some stuff that actually relates to Up And At Them... Sit tight.

On a random unrelated note... I have respect for the amount of work put into this.

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