Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dick Swingers, and Cruel Summer!

Six random things that happened this weekend.

6. Benny's nut sack was fully out while at the bar @11 am on Saturday.

5. Matt got out of the car at red lights to chase a kid on a bike, while only his boxers and holding a cardboard sign with the word "HELL" painted on it.

4. "Why you guys come here?" This was asked by several locals at Fitzpatrick's Pub

3. Ian was calling it quits at 12:45 Friday night, only to end up dancing on every "body" in the next bar.

2. We went for breakfast at 10am Saturday morning. Then we stopped at a bar on the way home. We never got home from breakfast until after 5pm.

Extra facts:

  • We believe the six of us spent the better part of a grand on booze this weekend. Mike spent $240 on one credit card alone.
  • I don't have any actual numbers, but I'm pretty comfortable in saying the six of us together consumed more than 220 drinks in two days.
  • Each of us had spent roughly 15 hours drinking on saturday.
  • I lost my voice at noon Saturday, and it's yet to return as I post this.
  • At 6pm Saturday one gallon of ArborMist wine lasted 15 minutes.

Check back later this week for more pics, a video or two, and the new Trailer for Up And At Them!

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