Monday, March 16, 2009

Too Much, Too Much, You Took Too Much!

Being able to ride outside in T-shirt weather for three consecutive days in March is an amazing thing if you live in Upstate NY.

This has been the best spring break ever! I made the trip down from Alaska last Thursday and made it into town just in time to put a few too many drinks to my face. I'm sorry again Benny for puking undigested corn all over your house... Friday and Saturday "MeatStick", myself and the locals cruised around ASS Park for a few hours knocking the dust off... Sunday I took a trip to Rochester and piled some bikes on the rack (thanks Ian), and some buddies in the car and headed out to a larger version of ASS Park called B-Park. Good times this week so far, now I have some video work to get done.  

Meat at B-park. What do I go to school for?

A handful of the culprits from Thursday.

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