Monday, July 06, 2009

Never Thought Crashing Could Happen to You

It seems the years have not been kind to me... 2003

The Blonde Ian at the second and still the best Red Planet. This ramp (the Trojan) was pretty fun to ride. EDIT: I just found out Red Planet closed in April of this year... 

I am pretty sure this is the only surfer I personally know... and I am sure this is the only photo I've ever taken of a surfer because this was the only time I ever seen the ocean. Double J, Bro!

Dave Gross suicide over the box at World of Wheels shortly before it burned to the ground.
Does anyone do no handers like this anymore? Besides Ryan Nyquist of course.

The Bluffs in Oswego... Most people walk out to the grassy patch on the bluff, but not many people walk back, hmm... Harborfest is coming soon, if you've never been you should go. With all of the retarded things I've seen happen and have taken part in  over the years at Harborfest I could write a book... That is if I could actually write.

Finally. Here's the third installment of what I am calling the "Adventures of Crabmeat and D-Mud"! I was more than a little drunk when I watched this last night and at the 2 minute mark I laughed so hard I peed a little.

d-mud & crabmeat: I like your style from crab meat on Vimeo.

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Kryweasel said...

Really good post Wood Nuts. I like the Dmud and Crab meat shit... really funny. Keep the old pics coming!

Kryweasel said...
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