Monday, June 29, 2009


Part 3

For some reason I have always been horrible with taking trail photos and this is a masterfully crafted shitty attempt to capture a one footed x-up by Wang. Regardless of how bad the composition, exposure, and timing is, he's blasting!  2003?

Visor, Check!

Purple bike, Check!

Flame shoes, Check!

Baby blue Geo prism, Check!

Johnny "Nice Guy" Rotten

I would have made a good pilot. Current day pic at the same spot. Mustache for the win!

I only made it to one of FBM's infamous "ghetto jams"... highlights included Cops showing up and turning around and leaving no questions asked, kids shredding bikes on/over pure death traps, and the "Una-shitter" doing what his name implies on a grind ledge with roughly 400 people in the vicinity. Epic Shit!

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