Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Second Best!

Damn two days late!
Fuck it, here's a quick rundown of the past week.

-Drove over 1,000 miles across NY, and Vermont in three days, which cost me over a $100 in gas.
-Locked my keys in my car while in Vermont after a pretty good riding session at a really weird skatepark.
-Chilled with the homies in both Plattsburgh and Rochester... Plenty of beer work and fun was had.
-While in Plattsburgh I walked into a random house with a friend and was immediately greeted by this sad site. 

-Matt "meat" Miller had a birthday last friday... I bought him a very classy bottle of Kentucky sour mash, but somehow it ended up back in my possession... 

-My mustache and mullet have the tendency to get into mischief wherever they show up...
-Several people witnessed this scene more than once while out in rochester.

I saw this guy try to sit down in order to stand up for about five minutes. The cops weren't as amused as I was, their loss. 

So I have been trying to think of new content to post about on this shit hole of a site, and seeing how I tend to post photos and write about drinking a lot I figured why not start posting on different drinks that are instrumental in making bad decisions. So to start off a new feature on this blog, I've decided my first entry would cover a new favorite of mine that I am naming the "Woodrono" (wood-ron-o), I am calling it my own since I cannot find any info or recipes with these ingredients online. The version I run is one part Gin, and two parts Polar brand Half & Half (half grapefruit juice & half tonic water) served over ice. The half & half completely masks the powerful taste of the gin... So you end up with a good tasting drink that gets you fucked faster than the homecoming queen after the big game. Enjoy! 

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Kryweasel said...

Good post Woodrano! keep up to the good work