Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Your Life Lives

Summer is over and I'm back at school. It feels like one life is being temporarily put on hold while another is resuming.  This is the last sunrise/sunset photo for a while.

Good combination? I think I will be saving what's left of the Old Crow for next summer.

So my last night in Hornell looked like this... Fights in the Snow!

... While my first night back in the "Burgh" I was greeted by this guy, this form of dancing, obscene cars, and the Photo below taken right next to my house. 

Cops are adored everywhere. Really!

It has been a long time since I've made anything fun to share, i.e. videos and whatnot. So today I threw together a desktop background. Nothing major but maybe better stuff will later follow.
You can go HERE to save it, hate it, or make it better. it is only for 1280x800 screens (widescreen). I will try to have more stuff next week. 
  Salad Days

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