Thursday, December 03, 2009

To Weird To Live, To Rare To Die.

There are some truly unique birds walking among us. Below  is a few images of some special characters I have came across in the past couple months.

This is Super Bad Brad, he's a street performer armed with a ghetto blaster and golden pipes (see for yourself). He has appeared at the Apollo theater, and was at last summers Brawling at the Belmar

The Horse has been coming out and getting himself/herself into all types of weird situations as of late. Here the Horse is "Dumping" them out at the Hell House.

While on the topic of Hell House... Hitler Showed Up and Lubed Up on Halloween.

Not sure here... I'm thinking the one on the left just got done making a cross country run in his/ her 18-wheeler...

This dude was more than happy to get his face bloodied by a girl in a sling.


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Anonymous said...

Stop objectifying my wife. SHE'S MY OBJECT, not your blogger's

Anonymous said...

I like your photos.