Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, Really?

X-Mas Cheer!

Still getting back on track... I have some photos and a video of so of last weekends happenings. When you get as drunk as we've been getting lately it's tough to produce anything of worth. 
Band aids + back cracks ='s Matt's game?
There is some fresh stuff in the works, sit tight.

Just a reminder, there's a jam at Mike Sick's park this Friday. Word is there are a few new ramps being dialed in for what should be a good shit-show... Show up and Blow up! 

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Kryweasel said...

I don't know who has worse game... Matt with his band-aids and creeper ass grabs, Wang with his random grunts and gropes or Nate who is just a dude with a camera... Keep in mind, this is coming from someone with no skills either! Good work boys