Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Matt and I took advantage of Monday's freakishly nice weather, and rode some street in Alfred, NY. It was only in the 40's but the snow was gone and the cement was dry for the most part.

 I've been riding the Alfred State and Alfred U. campuses for years, seeing a 1/4 pipe and various small ramps in the middle of campus is a first. It's awesome to see the college supporting BMX and Skateboarding in such a positive way.

In other amazing news, a small quantity of the "Drivers Wanted" T-shirts were made and distributed just in time for the Holidays... The things are sick, and there have already been some inquiries.

I have also been building a mini bar(with the help of E-Z)  to take back to school with me. I'm not sure yet what the hours of business are, but I can tell you the bar will be well stocked with Genny Light, and Pabst.

Check back later this week for updates on it's status and for some video footage of kids on bicycles!

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