Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday... Fuck yeah!

I'm glad last week was so good because this week has sucked so much for the most part. At least the few things that I am pumped about this week were really good things. First, I got to ride my bike last saturday with Matt and Chris at the new park in Ithaca, NY called East Shore Skatepark the place is little tight and there's likely to be a lot of traffic of other BMXers (which to me kids riding BMX isn't a bad thing) other than that the park is pretty well dialed in and worth the trip so check it out. 
Second if you can't tell from the picture above I (we) drank Absinthe after riding on saturday. No one saw green fairies or made out with their sister, but for $70 a bottle it delivers a different kind of drunk. 
Third my normal 6.5 hour drive to school on sunday turned into a 10 hour hell ride thanks to the shitty New York weather.

Lastly I spent at least an hour on this site today that contains tons of how-to videos that could improve the fun in your life. I know it is by a skateboarder, but good shit is good regardless of who 's shitting it out. 

More/ Better stuff come Monday for sure.

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