Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I was cleaning last week and ran across a few boxes of old photos that have been in storage for quite sometime. Posted are some photos from 2001- 2005, a time when I drank less, rode more and had few responsibilities. I'll try to sprinkle some more of these old gems in with whatever new content for the rest of the summer. 

Team Work? Cory X-up with or without the help of Ben's bare ass. circa 2004.

Oiled up Mr. Rotten during one of a hundred photo shoots between 2003-2005.

Meat Matt. Helmet, big sprocket, loose fit pants, and you can even see some seat post. circa 2004.

Chris LaFollette, this is from sometime after cutting his dreads and before pumping up. Summer 2005?

Lastly here is a really old shot. In fact, this is from the very first roll of film I ever shot on the day I bought my current film camera. Summer of 2001 Ian K. white shoes, white ramp, red shirt, red bike bike, and I have no sense of timing.

Watch this video of Mike Sick aka. d-mud and Andy Dunning aka. crabmeat. These two have either consumed too much lead paint or they are genius'. Regardless, I found this and their previous edit quite entertaining. Look for more from these guys in the near future!

Booty got Swag interview: d-mud & crabmeat from crab meat on Vimeo.

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