Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Plug Me In!

Wow, so far summer has been Good, Bad, and everywhere in between during the last two weeks... 

Here's a list of the good and the bad in no particular order:

-Riding bikes

-Filming for a new video

-Living at home means not paying rent

-Working nearly full time

-$4.99 Gennese 12-packs.

-Hornell still sucks

-Pissing while your penis is still inside your pants

-New camera

-Riding ghetto bikes to the bars which are in the ghetto part of town

-Having friends who are as drunk as me

-Sleeping outside sans tent

-Waking up to being rained on because I don't own a tent

-Not being able to walk to the bars


-Random drunk day walkers

-Jumping/Falling into the lake

-This weekend's demolition derby + Camping without a tent

-East Bound & Down, "Listen you dumb, beautiful, bitch I'm about to drop some knowledge on your ass". Watch it!

Overall, I think the good things in the list out weigh the bad... 

No wonder there normally are no mirrors in mens bathrooms at bars...

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