Monday, June 22, 2009

They're Skinny Girls with Trailer Park Asses

Old photo update part 2

So I found another old shoe box of photos in my attic mostly from 2001- 2002. After rummaging for at least an hour I came to realize just how much money I used to spend on film and lab fees. Lets just say the cost of the current items in the shoe box exceeded the cost of the shoes that originally came in the box tenfold.  Below are some favorites.

This is Dave Gross, the First time I met dave was at a contest in 1997 at the long gone and forgotten World of Wheels Skatepark located in Springville, NY (I'll post more photos from and maybe a video or two later). That was the very first time I went to a skatepark, rode ramps, and entered a contest. Dave and I had a run-in during practice He was sitting on a quarter in a smith stall looking back talking to someone. While I, with no idea of what park etiquette was, tried carving on the same quarter. Needless to say dave dropped while still looking the other way and mowed me down. Here dave is doing a smith grind on a ledge at another now closed park in Warren, PA several years later. Circa fall-winter of 2001-02.

"The man with the plastic shoes and fucked up pants". Those words could only describe one person Matt Miller. Matt used to always wear pants that were ripped half way up his leg on the drive side. They would often look like a cape when he rode. This is a really shitty photo of what was probably a really high opposite air, but the jeans in this photo were too good to pass up.

Double J, Jimmy J., Jim Johnsen, whatever you call him he's the shit, but I haven't got any new Motive shirts in quite some time. What gives? About 20 minutes before I took this in the summer of 2002, Ian and myself were trying to melt a plastic bar-end out of a pair of handle bars with a propane torch when Jim's hot old sister came home (Jim was inside the house during this time) and looked concerned and confused over why there was two strange guys using a torch, pounding on the cement with bike parts, and filming it at the same time. Lets just say there was a few seconds of awkwardness. Long Island.

Fall 2001 smith to 180. Gay shoulder positioning and a orange helmet with a jack-o-lantern painted on it... Awesome!

This is one of the photos responsible for me obtaining the nickname "Osama Bin Woodruff"... Apparently After 9-11 it became illegal to take photos of buildings, bridges, and landmarks while driving through NYC. About a week after a trip to long Island I received a phone call from an Agent Frank "something" who questioned me about having taken photos from out of my friends cars sun roof. Supposedly good Samaritan saw me taking photos and thought Ian and myself (two 19 year old white kids driving in a 1993 Acura) were terrorists plotting to blow up the Throgs neck bridge or some shit and turned in Ian's plate number. Frank asked that I mail him all the negatives that I took on the trip to his office at the FBI HQ and I never heard from him again. I'm glad I at least kept the prints. Summer 2002.

That is it for now.  Tabes.

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