Monday, June 08, 2009

Derby Girls?

The weekend recap in 200 words and no chronological order

Muffler/ sleep work?

-Late night truck work in the middle of the road
-stopping at a random bonfire on the side of the road to party with who might be our future selves
-having two large tents but four of the seven camping slept in the grass
-"Its a Fucking space blanket, keeps heat in/ moisture out!"

Note to self: Stand back farther you look seven feet tall

Despite the $2o entry fee and $3.25 for a can of beer (that's $19.50 a six pack for you non math people) Smiles and good times were found everywhere you look, Especially if you were the dude with the disgust-stache who brought in his own beer via this!

70 stripped down cars + 50 debris filled laps ='s 1 winner and thousands of happy spectators 

This was about all that got done on Friday... More soon!

I've been meaning to post about another blog that I was introduced to a few weeks ago that is ran by some friends of friends. If you are tried of never seeing any updates on here or if you still don't know what this blog is even about then give the Captains Memos a look see. They update daily and cover a wide array of topics, everything from unwritten rules such as THIS, to what's the deal with THIS guy, to everyones favorite topic THIS! Enjoy!

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